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Dr. Brooke R. Seckel

Male Plastic Surgery in Boston

Men are the fastest growing group of people taking advantage of new plastic surgery procedures and nonsurgical enhancement and rejuvenation options in the US. Today’s men care more about their appearance and with today’s emphasis on fitness and looking young and healthy men are no longer content to have that spare tire, double chin or excess eyelid skin. Men have thicker skin than women which can often be an advantage with many of the new nonsurgical skin rejuvenation and face and body enhancement techniques available. We have many years of experience providing plastic surgery and nonsurgical face and body rejuvenation for men. At Boston Plastic Surgery Specialists we have many men patients in our practice and are used to the specialized techniques that are necessary to obtain the best results in the male patient.

What is different about cosmetic plastic surgery and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments for men?

Most of the common cosmetic plastic surgery and nonsurgical skin rejuvenation procedures that are done for women are also done for men. However there are significant differences in male skin and body structure that require different plastic surgery techniques in men. The following are different factors that influence male cosmetic plastic surgery:

  • Male skin is thicker. The skin surface, the epidermis, the deep dermis, and the subcutaneous fat of men are thicker and have greater elasticity than female skin. This requires special skin lifting and tightening techniques for male cosmetic surgery. The thicker dermis and increased elasticity in male skin can be an advantage in non-surgical skin rejuvenation techniques that are designed to increase collagen synthesis and provide anti-aging effects on the skin. Higher power settings for lasers may be required for male skin.
  • There are more blood vessels in men’s faces. Every hair follicle in the male face has its own blood supply. A benefit of more blood vessels in men’s skin is that healing can often be faster after male cosmetic surgery.
  • Men have more hair. Because men have more hair on their face and body than women, plastic surgery scars may be more easily hidden in many areas.
  • Men wear their hair shorter than women. Because men wear their hair short very careful placement of facelift incisions is required to avoid visible facelift scars.
  • Men are often more self-conscious about having cosmetic surgery than are women. In the past men who could benefit from cosmetic surgery often did not chose to have surgery. Fortunately this is changing for modern men and many more men choose to have cosmetic surgery today.

Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

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