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What is rhinoplasty, also called nose surgery or nose job?

A rhinoplasty or nose job is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure on the nose that is done to reshape the nose into a more pleasing appearance. Rhinoplasty can make the nose smaller, refine the nasal tip, narrow a wide nose, straighten a crooked nose, and remove a nasal hump or bump.

Nose before and after open Rhinoplasty to lift nasal tip and remove hump

Open rhinoplasty before and after to correct hanging tip, shorten nose and remove hump

Nose before and after open Rhinoplasty to refine and lift nasal tip

Before and after open rhinoplasty to refine and lift nasal tip and straighten nose

Why do people have a nose job or rhinoplasty?

People choose to have a rhinoplasty to make their nose look better and to feel more self-confident. Common reasons people give for choosing to have a nose job are:

  • A hump or bump on the nose
  • A hook nose or Roman nose
  • A crooked nose
  • A hanging nasal tip
  • A wide nose
  • Broad or flared nostrils
  • A broad or wide nasal tip
  • A long nose
  • A big nose
  • A fat nose
Before and after rhinoplasty or nose job

Before and after rhinoplasty (Individual Results May Vary)

Nose before and after rhinoplasty or nose job

Nose before and after rhinoplasty (Individual Results May Vary)

How is a rhinoplasty done?

Modern rhinoplasty is called open rhinoplasty in which a tiny incision is made under the nose and the cartilages that determine nose shape are visible. This better view allows the surgeon to more accurately reshape and reform the nose. The older closed rhinoplasty, done on the inside the nose, did not provide as good a view of the structures being reshaped, and often did not give as good a result as the open rhinoplasty. During rhinoplasty one or more of the following steps occur:

  • The nose hump is removed
  • The tip of the nose is narrowed and refined
  • The nose bones are narrowed
  • The nasal tip is lifted
  • Crooked nose bones are straightened
  • The nasal septum that divides the nostrils is straightened if crooked and is called nasal septoplasty
  • A cartilage graft called a strut graft is placed to prevent the tip from dropping after rhinoplasty
  • A heart shaped cartilage graft is placed under the nasal tip skin to reshape the tip and make the nasal-tip looked narrower

Some patients who are considering rhinoplasty in Boston, may actually benefit from other cosmetic procedures such as facial implants or cheek augmentation, to provide balance to the facial features.

What is Asian or Korean rhinoplasty?

The Asian nose can be flat with short nasal bones and have wide flared nostrils. Asian Rhinoplasty often involves raising the bridge of the nose to increase projection of the nose bones. This can be done with cartilage grafts, bone grafts or implants. Asian Rhinoplasty or Korean Rhinoplasty can also be combined with a nostril narrowing procedure and elevation of the nasal-tip with a strut cartilage graft and tip cartilage graft.

Is rhinoplasty safe?

Yes, rhinoplasty is safe when performed by a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who is very experienced in rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex plastic surgery procedures and requires skill and artistic judgment that can only be gained by years of experience.

What does a rhinoplasty or nose job cost?

Realself.com lists the average cost of rhinoplasty of United States as $6100, but on the East Coast and in LA the average is $7500. For the best rhinoplasty surgeon expect to pay more.

How long is recovery from rhinoplasty surgery?

Recovery from rhinoplasty is the time it takes for bruising and swelling to go away. Rhinoplasty can cause bruising around the eyes which can take 3 weeks to go away. You will have a splint on your nose for 10 days.

Is rhinoplasty surgery painful?

Surprisingly patients do not complain much about pain after rhinoplasty and usually do not require pain medicine for longer than 2-3 days. Expect nasal stuffiness and mouth breathing for a few weeks. If internal nasal splints are used when septoplasty is done removal can cause brief discomfort.

When will I see the final result of my rhinoplasty?

You will see significant improvement in your nasal profile when the splint comes off. However swelling can recur and it takes about 6 weeks for most of the swelling to resolve. If tip cartilage grafting is done it may be 6 months to a year before the final narrow refined nasal-tip can be seen.

Nose before and after open Rhinoplasty

Nose before and after open Rhinoplasty (Individual Results May Vary)

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Rhinoplasty is an advanced facial cosmetic surgery procedure that can restore balance to the facial features and enhance a patient’s self-confidence. If you have been considering nose surgery and would like to learn more about the procedure at Boston Plastic Surgery Specialists, contact Dr. Seckel today at 617-455-2859.

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