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Chin Augmentation in Boston

What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation, often refereed as chin implant surgery, chin enhancement, mentoplasty or genioplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure in which a small implant is placed in front of the chin bone to increase the size of the chin or increase the length of the jaw line.

Why do people choose to have Chin Implant Surgery?

  • As part of a Rhinoplasty. The most common use of a chin implant is to create a balanced side view of the facial profile as part of a Rhinoplasty or nose surgery. On the side or profile view of the face, a small or weak chin can often make the nose appear larger. For patients who have a Rhinoplasty and who have a small chin, a chin implant is done at the same time to create a better facial balance.
  • As part of a facelift or neck lift. The results of a facelift or neck lift can be improved by lengthening the jaw line with a chin implant. A chin implant can also help reduce the jowls during a facelift or neck lift.
  • Because they have a small or weak chin. Many people just have a small chin which is a condition called Microgenia.
Chin Augmentation Boston
Before and after chin implant and laser liposuction of neck 4 days after procedure (Individual Results May Vary)

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How is a chin implant or Mentoplasty done?

A chin implant can be inserted through a small opening beneath the chin or inside the lip so that no scar will be visible. The implant is then placed over the chin bone to lengthen the jaw line and increase the projection of the chin.

What is a chin implant made of?

There are 2 common types of chin implant in use today:


These polyethylene devices have small micro porous channels to allow the blood vessels to grow into the device and hold it in place.

Smooth Silicone

These devices are made of smooth firm silicone rubber. The surrounding tissues do not grow into the device but form a “capsule” around the device. They feel like a normal chin.

Can I feel a chin implant?

No, most chin implants simply feel like your normal chin bone.

What will I look like after a chin implant is done?

Your new chin will be apparent immediately after surgery. However you’ll be wearing a facial garment which covers the new chin to help keep the chin implant in position and reduce swelling. The garment comes off in about a week.

Does a chin implant hurt?

There is usually only mild discomfort following a chin implant. The main complaint most likely will be that you do not like to wear the chin band or face garment for the first week.

How long is recovery after a chin implant?

Recovery after chin implant surgery is essentially the time it takes for swelling and bruising to go down which is usually about a week. If the chin implant is placed through an incision on the inside of the lip you will have to eat soft or liquid foods for 3 or 4 days and rinse the mouth out several times a day with an antibiotic mouthwash.

When will I see my final result after a chin implant or Mentoplasty?

The final result of your chin implant or chin augmentation will be apparent after 2-3 weeks for swelling to go down. Improvement will continue for at least 6 weeks.

Who should do my chin implant?

A chin implant or chin augmentation should be done by a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Oral surgeons and facial plastic surgeons also do chin implants.

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