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Tubular Breast Correction in Boston

What are Tubular Breasts or Tuberous Breast Deformity?

A tubular breast is a constricted tube-shaped breast that is caused by tight bands beneath the skin that prevent the breast gland from growing to a normal breast shape. This can have a devastating impact on the self-image of a young woman who feels she must hide her breasts or pad her bra so that she will look normal.

Tubular Breast Correction Boston
Breasts before and after tubular breast correction with breast implants (Individual Results May Vary)

How do you correct tubular breast deformity?

Correction of tubular breast deformity is a challenging procedure depending upon the severity of the constriction. The following plastic surgery breast procedures can be used:

  • Breast enlargement with implants or breast augmentation. Often a simple breast augmentation can correct the less severe forms of tuberous breast.
Breast Deformity Correction Boston
Before and after breast augmentation to correct tubular breasts (Individual Results May Vary)

  • Soft tissue expander followed by breast augmentation. In severe cases of tubular breast I first expand the breast with a soft tissue expander. After expansion breast implants can be used.
  • Doughnut mastopexy with breast augmentation. Donut mastopexy is an older technique in which the constricted breast skin is removed, the nipple areola attached to the wider part of the breast followed by breast implants. This technique is rarely used because of scarring around the areola.
  • Correction of nipple areola asymmetry in tubular breast. In my experience soft tissue expansion usually also expands the nipple areola. In cases where nipple asymmetry requires correction skin grafting or tattooing works well.
Before and After Tubular Breast Correction Boston
Before and after correction of tubular breasts with breast implants (Individual Results May Vary)

Before and After Breast Deformity Correction Boston
Before and after breast augmentation to correct tubular breasts (Individual Results May Vary)

Is correction of tubular breast safe?

Yes in experienced hands correction of tubular breast is as safe as breast augmentation or breast lift.

How long is recovery after tubular breast correction?

Recovery time is 2 weeks and is similar to that described under breast augmentation and breast lift.

Is tubular breast correction painful?

There is discomfort for the first 3-4 days controlled with pain medications.

How long does it take to see the final result of tubular breast correction?

It usually takes 6 months for the expansion of the constricted tubular breast to occur after breast augmentation alone. If soft tissue expansion is performed a second stage for placement of a breast implant usually happens by 6 months so the final result may take a total of a year for both procedures.

What does tubular breast correction cost?

Adding a breast lift can increase the cost for one side, more for both sides. Soft tissue expansion and nipple reconstruction can be much more expensive and every attempt must be made to obtain medical insurance coverage.

Who should do my tubular breast correction?

Many plastic surgeons are not comfortable with correction of tubular breast deformity. Consult several plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and specifically inquire if they’re comfortable during tubular breast correction reconstruction.

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