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Hair Removal

Dr. Brooke R. Seckel – Treating Those Seeking Hair Removal in Boston

What is laser or IPL hair removal?

Laser or IPL hair removal is a photo medicine procedure which uses a laser or IPL to remove hair from the face and body. Laser or IPL hair removal is based on the principal of target specific photothermolysis in which specific laser and IPL light wave length are selectively absorbed by the color of the hair follicle which is brown or black. The most common laser and IPL wave lengths used for hair removal are the 525-1200 nm Lux red and Lux yellow IPL and the 800 nm laser diode wavelength used by the Lightshear® Diode laser.

Is laser or IPL hair removal permanent?

The laser and IPL effect on the hair follicle is permanent, but hair is not totally removed. Laser and IPL hair removal works by heating and injuring the hair follicle which causes fibrosis or scarring of the hair follicle. Scarring the hair follicle causes the hair follicle to get smaller. Once the hair follicle has been injured by the laser or IPL and becomes smaller the hair follicle grows small light-colored hair called the vellum hair.

How is laser or IPL hair removal done?

During laser hair removal the laser or IPL head is pressed against the skin which has the hair to be removed. Pulses of the laser are applied over the entire surface were hair removal is needed. The hair is shaved before laser hair removal because the laser heats the hair and causes the hair to disintegrate which can cause a significant odor. By removing excess hair prior to laser treatment less hair is damaged which makes treatment more comfortable and the odorless.

What will I look like after laser hair removal?

The areas that are treated for hair removal will be red or pink after hair removal treatment. Ice packs will be applied and the redness or pink called erythema will resolve overnight.

Before and after laser IPL hair removal bikini line

Before and after laser IPL hair removal bikini line (Individual Results May Vary)

How long will it take to see the results of laser hair removal?

The laser or IPL treated hair falls out immediately after laser or IPL hair removal treatment. You will see the results of your treatment soon after the treatment. However only one third of the hair follicles are susceptible to laser or IPL hair removal at any one time, therefore the other two thirds of the hair follicles will grow new hair in about 6 weeks. For this reason to be effective laser or IPL hair removal needs to be done in a series of 3 treatments scheduled 6 weeks apart so that all actively growing hair follicles can be treated.

Arm pit before and after laser IPL hair removal of axilla

Arm pit before and after laser IPL hair removal of axilla (Individual Results May Vary)

Is laser hair removal painful?

There is a stinging snapping discomfort during laser or IPL hair removal treatment and many patients find hair removal painful. Topical numbing creams can help relieve this discomfort.

What does laser hair removal cost?

Realself.com reports and a national average cost of $1,175. This includes a series of 3-4 treatments.

Before and after chin hair removal with laser IPL

Before and after chin hair removal with laser IPL (Individual Results May Vary)

Who should do my laser hair removal treatment?

In Massachusetts medical aestheticians, nurses and PAs under the supervision of a physician can do hair removal treatments. Improperly done hair removal treatments can cause burns or hypopigmentation or loss of pigment and should not be done in a non-medical environment.

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Laser and IPL hair removal treatments are safe, effective ways to enhance your appearance and say goodbye to time-consuming grooming rituals. Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Seckel offers hair removal treatments for several areas of the body. To learn whether you may be a candidate for hair removal, contact Dr. Seckel today at 617-455-2859.

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