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Breast Augmentation in Boston

Most of Dr. Brooke Seckel’s breast augmentation patients tell him that they want a natural looking breast augmentation. They mention that they do not want to look fake or obvious that they have breast implants. A natural looking breast augmentation results in a breast that is soft and movable, with fullness below the nipple areola and a shape that falls naturally over the crease or fold beneath the breast. The natural looking breast should not have a tight, sharp circular appearance revealing the edges of the implant.

How to Achieve a Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

Expert Tips for Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

  1. Fit the Implant to Your Body – Don’t Go Too Big!
  2. Choose Smooth, Round Silicone Gel Implants
  3. Place the Implant under the Chest Muscle
  4. Place the Incision under the fold beneath the Breast

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty or in lay terms a boob job, is a procedure to place breast implants under the breast or chest muscle for breast enlargement. Breast augmentation with breast implants can help women who would like to add volume and enhance the contours of their breasts. Women considering breast augmentation often feel overwhelmed by the many different decisions they must make regarding the size, shape, type, and placement of their breast implants. If you are looking for breast augmentation in Boston, we have compiled a selection of frequently asked questions and answers to assist you in making the most informed decision before choosing to have a breast enhancement procedure.

Why do Women Have Breast Augmentation?

Some reasons to have a breast augmentation include:

  • Loss of breast size after breast-feeding
  • Patients with small breasts who want big breasts
  • Patients with normal breasts who want bigger breasts
  • Asymmetry or different size breasts
  • Patients with tubular or funny shaped breasts

Keller Funnel No-Touch Technique

Keller Funnel Breast Augmentation BostonWe utilize the Keller Funnel 2, a medical-grade sterile silicone breast implant sleeve, to place silicone breast implants during breast augmentation. This allows us to gently place your implant without ever touching the implant surface. The mouth of the funnel is placed into the breast augmentation skin incision and the silicone implant sleeve or funnel is squeezed to direct or push the implant into the breast implant pocket beneath the breast gland or chest muscle. The implant never comes in contact with the patient’s skin or gloved surgeon’s hand or finger. This technique is very gentle and reduces the chance of scar tissue forming around the implant.

The No-Touch Technique of breast augmentation with triple antibiotic irrigation avoids contaminating the implant with normal skin bacteria and helps prevent contamination of the implant by other factors in the operative environment. Careful observance of this technique, including using the Keller funnel, reduces the chance of capsular contracture, hardening of the implant and an unnatural look.

Breast Augmentation Incision Locations

Inframammary Crease Incision

This incision is placed beneath the breast, where the crease of the breast meets the chest to create the inframammary fold. The inframammary incision is the most frequently used incision for breast augmentation. During surgery, the excellent view of the breast and chest muscle anatomy allows for very accurate symmetrical placement of your breast implants. The inframammary incision is typically recommended for patients who plan to breast-feed in the future, because the breast gland is never cut.

Boston Breast Implant Scar Hidden
Inframammary Crease Breast Implant Scar hidden by normal breast position
Boston Breast Implant Scar Shown
Inframammary Crease Breast Implant Scar with Breast pulled up to show scar

Areolar or Periareolar Incision

The areolar or periareolar incision is a circular or semi-circular cut around the areola. The breast implant must be carried through the breast gland tissue to reach the plane beneath the breast where access the space underneath the chest muscle for final placement. The incision is well hidden by the color of the areola. In my opinion the periareolar breast incision should not be used in women who plan to breast-feed in the future, because the breast gland and ducts can be compromised during this procedure. Another disadvantage is that visibility and exposure of the breast implant pocket beneath the breast or beneath the muscle is more limited with this approach than with the inframammary crease incision.


Why Choose Dr. Seckel for My Boston Breast Implants?

Dr. Brooke Seckel is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience performing breast surgery for women throughout the Boston area. Dr. Seckel has been voted to the Top Plastic Surgeon’s in America by America’s Top Surgeons and is consistently awarded the RealSelf Top Doctor distinction for his renowned breast augmentation work.

“My [breast augmentation] experience was nothing short of perfect. For undergoing a body changing experience, I couldn’t ask for a better doctor to make me feel at ease through the whole process. I am so pleased with my results and thankful to have had a knowledgeable, and personable surgeon to guide me through every step.” – RealSelf Patient, June 2018

To view more breast augmentation reviews from Dr. Seckel’s previous patients, or to schedule a consultation for breast implants in Boston, contact our office today.

Before and After Breast Augmentation Photos

Before & after breast augmentation Boston
Before and after breast augmentation after breast-feeding for a natural breast enlargement (Actual Patient, Individual Results May Vary)

Sub muscular breast augmentation Boston
Before and after sub muscular breast augmentation with 300cc gummy bear implants (Actual Patient, Individual Results May Vary)

Sub glandular breast augmentation Boston
Before and after sub glandular breast augmentation with 350cc gummy bear implants (Actual Patient, Individual Results May Vary)

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Breast Augmentation?

Plan a 2-week period with no strenuous activity. Get help with childcare for 2-3 days. For submuscular breast augmentation avoid pushups, pullups and heavy bench pressing for 6 weeks.

What Does Breast Augmentation in Boston Cost?

This an all-inclusive price, meaning it includes the cost of the breast implants as well as fees for services provided by the facility, surgeon, and board-certified anesthesiologist. The cost of a breast augmentation procedure performed by Dr. Seckel can, however, vary depending on several factors, including breast implant type, the complexity of the procedure needed, and if a breast lift is also needed. We invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Seckel so that your actual costs can be determined.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation

Keller Funnel No-Touch Technique

Are Breast Implants & Breast Augmentation Safe?

Yes, when performed by an experienced plastics who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Modern FDA approved silicone gel breast implants are safe. The new silicone gel gummy bear implants contain a cohesive gel that stays in place if the implant is damaged. Saline filled implants have always been safe.

Is Breast Augmentation Painful?

When breast implants are placed beneath the breast gland, subglandular augmentation mammoplasty, discomfort is mild and lasts 3-4 days. Beneath the chest muscle, submuscular augmentation mammoplasty, discomfort may last a week to 10 days.

Can I Have a Normal or Natural-looking Breast After Implants?

Natural-looking Breast Implants

Yes. The key is to choose the proper breast implant size that matches your body. Women who look like they have had a boob job often have implants that are too big. For a natural look I recommend an implant in the 250 cc to 275 cc range.

Additionally, choosing to place the breast implant under the chest muscle, subpectoral breast augmentation, will help to make your breasts look and feel more natural as well. The chest muscle provides additional coverage to conceal the breast implant. The chance of future hardness and visibility called capsular contracture is greatly reduced when the implant is placed under the chest muscle. In addition, the normal muscular activity gently massages the implant to help keep the implant soft and natural feeling as well as natural looking.

Will People Be Able to Tell I Have Breast Implants?

No, if you do not tell them. Only your closest intimate partner who sees you nude may be able to tell. Friends, people at work and family need not know. I advise my patients to tell no one other than their significant other. If anyone notices tell them that you have been working out in the gym.

How Do I Choose the Size of My Breast Implants?

A breast implant size that has a diameter which matches the base width of your breast should be chosen. Dr. Seckel will measure the width of your breast and compare that measurement to a size of breast implant that has the same base diameter. The most common cause of unnatural-looking breast augmentation results is a breast implant that is too large for your breast. We use the Mentor Breast Implant Sizing System to make your choice easier. Bring a non-padded bra or camisole to your consultation and we will place different sizes into your bra to help you choose.

What Are the Different Breast Implant Profiles to Choose From?

Breast implants are available in different breast implant profiles including low-profile, moderate profile plus, high-profile and ultra-high-profile implants. The moderate profile plus silicone gel implant is designed to have the closest shape profile to the normal natural female breast.

Different Breast Implant Profiles
Breast Implant profiles from left to right-moderate profile, moderate plus profile, high profile and ultra-high profile. Moderate plus profile creates the most natural looking breast augmentation

How Do I Decide Between Implants Under the Muscle or Under the Breast Gland?

If you have small breasts that do not sag, a sub muscular implant is possible. If you have sagging breasts then you may need a breast lift with a sub-muscular implant. If you do not want a breast lift then sub glandular implants can give you a nice result.

Where Will My Scar Be Placed?

The most common breast implant scar is the inframammary scar located under the fold of the breast that is very well hidden. Placing the breast augmentation incision in the fold underneath the breast has been shown to reduce the chance of capsular contracture or hardening and visibility of the implant after breast augmentation. In addition, placing the incision underneath the breast allows the enlarged breast to fall over and hide the incision. The areolar or periareolar incision is placed around the areola and hides itself with the coloration and texture framing the nipple.

How Do I Decide to Have Silicone Gummy Bear or Saline Breast Implants?

Both implants give you a beautiful result and are safe. Gummy feel more like natural breast tissue and most choose gummy bear implants. Saline implants can cause visible rippling.

How Long Will It Take to Achieve My Final Appearance After Breast Implants?

After sub glandular augmentation the final shape is apparent in a few weeks. After sub muscular augmentation it may take up to 3 months.

Can I Get Pregnant and Breast-Feed After Breast Implants?

Yes, if you were able to breastfeed before surgery you will be able to breastfeed after breast surgery. However, a transareolar scar could interfere with breastfeeding.

What Is Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Injection or Fat Transplantation?

Breast augmentation with fat injection or transplantation avoids an implant. Fat is harvested from an area where there is excess, is treated to increase cell survival, and injected into the breast. Only small volumes of 150-200 ccs can be done. As of this writing the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has not yet approved the fat injection method due to lack of long-term studies.

Have More Questions about Breast Augmentation?

Patients who undergo breast augmentation at our Boston practice are among our most satisfied patients. This advanced procedure can significantly enhance your overall appearance. To learn more about whether breast augmentation surgery is for you, contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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