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Photo Facial IPL in Boston

What is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light or Photo Facial)?

IPL, intense pulsed light, or photo facial is often referred to as photo rejuvenation and is a light therapy used to remove skin aging changes like pigment, age spots, sun spots, blood vessels, red spots and wrinkles. IPL can also remove hair, improve scars and treat acne. Intense pulsed light is a flash of visible light similar to a camera flash. Different colors of IPL are used to treat different skin conditions. Photo facial, foto facial and photo rejuvenation are terms used to describe the effect of IPL on the skin. IPL is much gentler than a laser.

IPL Boston
Face before and after photo rejuvenation, photo facial or IPL to remove pigment, wrinkles and skin aging (Individual Results May Vary)

How does IPL, photo facial or foto facial work?

An IPL photo facial or foto facial treatment flashes a gentle light on the face to remove skin aging changes. The IPL or photo facial light breaks up or removes brown pigment, red blood vessels, and also stimulates new skin collagen production. This process is called photo rejuvenation.

Why do people have IPL, photo facial, or photo rejuvenation treatments?

People have IPL photo rejuvenation treatments to make their skin look younger. IPL photo rejuvenation is milder and gentler than laser resurfacing and other laser treatments.

Photo Rejuvenation Treatments Boston
Before and after photo facial or IPL to remove pigment (Individual Results May Vary)

What are the benefits of IPL photo facial skin treatments?

The benefit of IPL photo facial photo rejuvenation treatments is younger looking skin with fewer wrinkles, brown spots and red spots.

Photo Facial Skin Treatments Boston
Before and after photo rejuvenation of hands with IPL (Individual Results May Vary)

Do IPL photo facial treatments work?

IPL photo facial treatments are very effective when done properly by a trained physician or medical professional.

Intense Pulsed Light Boston
Before and after IPL or photo facial treatment to remove blood vessels from face (Individual Results May Vary)

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Do IPL photo facial treatments hurt?

There is mild discomfort with photo facial IPL treatments. The IPL machine makes a small snapping noise which can cause you to flinch with each pulse but topical anesthesia is not required.

What do IPL photo facial treatments cost?

Cost of photo facial treatments on the East Coast averages $500-$600. Package prices are less.

What will I look like after an IPL photo facial treatment?

Your skin will be slightly pink after an IPL photo facial treatment, but the color will be gone by the next day. Brown spots red spots and spider veins may appear slightly darker after your photo facial treatment.

Will my friends know I have had an IPL photo facial treatment?

No, if you do not tell them your friends will not know that you have had IPL or photo facial or photo rejuvenation treatments.

How long will it take to see the results of my IPL photo facial treatment?

IPL photo rejuvenation photo facial treatments are done in the series of 3-4 treatments. Generally you begin to see pigment removal, lightening of brown spots, removal of red spots, and closing of spider veins after 6 weeks. By 6 weeks after the third treatment sun spots, brown spots, age spots, spider veins, red spots, and rosacea are usually removed.

Who should do my IPL photo facial treatment?

Who will be doing your IPL or photo rejuvenation photo facial treatments will depend on state law where you live. IPL treatments must be done under the supervision of a physician if a nurse, PA, or certified medical aesthetician is doing the treatment. In some states only a physician may do IPL treatments. However, in Massachusetts physician supervision of a trained medical aesthetician or medical professional is allowed.

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IPL photo facial rejuvenation is an advanced cosmetic procedure that can dramatically enhance the appearance of the skin. To learn more IPL treatments, please contact the Boston Plastic Surgery Specialist to schedule a consultation today.

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