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Décolletage Rejuvenation in Boston

What is Décolletage or Neckline Aging?

Décolletage or neckline aging is a very common problem because the chest skin is so frequently exposed to the direct rays of the sun and ultraviolet sunlight damage. Brown spots, sun spots, age spots, red spots, rough thickened skin, and wrinkles are all skin aging changes that can occur on the décolletage and neck line. I am amazed at how often I see patients who take meticulous anti-aging skin care of their faces only to look down and see a décolletage or neckline that looks 10 or 20 years older than their face skin.

How Do You Rejuvenate the Décolletage or Neckline?

Ablative laser resurfacing is not safe for the décolletage and neck line and should not be done. Preventative care including topical Retin-A, vitamin C serum, sun block, sun avoidance, and microdermabrasion are very important first steps in décolletage or neckline rejuvenation. For patients who have significant aging changes of the décolletage or neck line, IPL, intense pulsed light or photo rejuvenation can produce stunning results and is the safest light therapy available for the décolletage or neckline. Results can be excellent as shown in the photo below:

Décolletage Rejuvenation Boston
Before and after décolletage rejuvenation with IPL or photo rejuvenation to remove pigmentation, red spots, wrinkles and aging changes (Individual Results May Vary)

How Can I Prevent Décolletage or Neckline Aging?

Use the same anti-aging techniques of sun block, topical Retin-A or vitamin C, and sun protection that you use on your face. Early intervention with photo rejuvenation when brown spots, red spots, wrinkles, rough skin and aging changes are minimal on the décolletage or neckline is the best preventative step to take.

Is Décolletage or Neckline Rejuvenation Painful?

IPL or photo rejuvenation treatments of the décolletage or neckline are very tolerable. There is a minor discomfort associated with a snapping sound that the IPL machine makes. However, most patients tolerate this very well. Topical anesthesia cannot be used because topical numbing medicine causes constriction of the blood vessels and makes photo rejuvenation treatments of the décolletage or neckline ineffective.

What Will I Look Like After Photo Rejuvenation of My Décolletage or Neckline?

Photo rejuvenation or IPL treatments of the décolletage or neck line produce very minor pinkness and slight darkening of the brown spots and red spots. You should look normal within a few hours.

When Will I See the Final Results of My Décolletage or Neckline Rejuvenation?

You will need a series of 3 photo rejuvenation or IPL treatments spaced a month to 6 weeks apart. You will see some improvement a few weeks after the first treatment but final results will be seen about 6 weeks after your last photo rejuvenation treatments.

What Do Décolletage or Neckline Rejuvenation Treatments Cost?

IPL or photo rejuvenation treatments of the décolletage or neckline can cost $350-$500 but scheduling a package of 3-4 treatments can save significant money.

Who Should Do My Décolletage or Neck Rejuvenate Treatments?

In Massachusetts medical aestheticians, nurses and PAs under the supervision of a physician, are allowed to perform IPL or photo rejuvenation treatments on the décolletage or neckline. I suggest that you choose a medical aesthetics practice where a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery experienced in laser and IPL treatments is present.

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