Aesthetician Services by Save Your Face: Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is my favorite non-surgical anti-aging skincare treatment and we try to provide the best microdermabrasion in the Boston area. Microdermabrasions are inexpensive, highly effective, and require no downtime after the procedure. In this blog I will discuss the benefits of microdermabrasion treatments, who should have microdermabrasions, and how to choose where to have your […]

Boosters by Save Your Face: Blue Booster and Weekly Exfoliation Pads

Hello, and welcome to the next installment of our Save Your Face Product Spotlight Series featuring our booster products. The Save Your Face Booster Treatments are the best medical skin care products to enhance and maximize the effectiveness of your daily skin care routine. These products are designed to be used in combination with the […]

Moisturizers by Save Your Face: Hyaluronic Creme and Moisture Boost

Welcome to this weeks installment of Save Your Face Product Spotlight Series featuring our newest additions to the line: Moisturizers. Up until now, we have covered an array of medical skin products that fit into your daily skincare regimen, let us review these steps: Cleanse Tone Eye Cream Correct: Retinol Moisturize (AM) Exfoliate (PM): Retinol […]

Sunscreen by Save Your Face Medical Skincare Products

Happy New Year, and welcome to this weeks Save Your Face Product Spotlight. This week I am focusing on the most important product to protect your face from premature facial aging: sunscreen. Although it may seem obvious, sunscreen falls under the Protect step of your daily skin care regimen. Our Save Your Face Sunscreen is […]