Antioxidants by Save Your Face: Brighten and Foundation 2+

Welcome to this weeks installment of my Save Your Face Product Spotlight Series in which I will focus on antioxidants an important part of any anti-aging skin care program. Our antioxidant medical skin care products are best used in combination with retinols to maximize the effectiveness of your daily skin care routine. The links below […]

Retinol by Save Your Face: Foundation Gel and Foundation 1+ Serum

In this week’s Save Your Face Product Spotlight I will be discussing the next type of product in our line up: Retinol. I have decided to feature this product next since it acts towards achieving the Correct step of your daily skin care regimen that we have been discussing over the past weeks. There is […]

Eye Cream by Save Your Face: Bright Eyes+

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Save Your Face Product Spotlight, in which Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Seckel will discuss the next step that should be included in your daily skincare regimen: Eye Cream. To review, last week Dr. Seckel wrote about the benefits of using a toner twice daily to exfoliate and aid facial […]

Breast Implant Profile

Dr. Brooke Seckel discusses the different breast implant profiles available for breast augmentation. If you are considering having breast augmentation with implants there are many important decisions that you will have to make with the help of your plastic surgeon. In addition to choosing the type and size of your breast implants you will also […]

Toners by Save Your Face: Renew and Revive+

Welcome to this weeks Save Your Face Product Spotlight. As you may recall, last week I discussed the benefits of using a cleanser in your daily skin care regimen. Lets review the seven steps every well-balanced skin care regimen should contain: Cleanse Tone Eye Cream Correct Moisturize (AM) Exfoliate (PM) Protect Today we will be […]